Make your own “Planter” Litter Box

Ever priced one of those fancy discreet cat boxes online?  I couldn’t believe the price tag on the planter style cat boxes!  $180-$215 was out of the question.

Surely I could do better with a quick trip to Lowes and Michael’s.

Supplies needed:
Planter with a Bottom Dish ($15-25)
Moss Sheet ($2.50)
Artificial Plants ($15.00)
Wrapped Wire
Hot Glue Gun
Sand Paper
Spiral Saw

Total : $33-$45

I first made my hole in the planter with a Spiral Saw and sanded the rough edges.


Next I gathered up the supplies for the arrangement on top. Use the dish that would normally go under your planter as your lid. You can feel free to do this with any plants you chose. I first glued down green moss as my base so that the plastic was not as noticeable. I found my plants on clearance at Michael’s and wired them together in an attractive arrangement.  Glue the plants to the moss and edges of the lid.


That’s it. Fill with kitty litter and let your feline friends do their business.


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