Pink and Grey Themed Baby Shower

I was fortunate enough to co-host a baby shower with my dear friend Angie, in her lovely home, and wanted to share some of the fun ideas that we came up with for the party.  The mother-to-be had selected a pink and grey elephant theme for her nursery so we tried to keep that theme up throughout the shower

Mommy to be chair:
We had so much fun decorating the threshold for a special seat!

Don’t Say Baby!
Guess the Baby Food
Birthday Pool
Bubbles for everyone to share when the baby is born!

I carved a baby out of a watermelon and filled with fruits. So much more fun than a traditional fruit tray!

I adore these tea sandwiches and have used them for several events. Everyone always loves them and they add an elegance to any table.

We found the grey table cloth at Home Goods and a GORGEOUS piece of lace fabric at the local fabric shop. Fun decor from online, party stores, or even Dollar Tree tie everything together.

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